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Your home septic may seem like a pretty simple system that runs like clockwork and it's true that they are usually very reliable. But, there are a few things you should know to help keep it running well for the lifetime of your home and prevent damage.
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You don't want to do these things

Don't flush or pour stuff down the drain that you shouldn't

These can not only plug up your pipes but also fill up your septic tank faster leading to potential backups and even damage to your leach field. See our section on what not to flush for more info.

Don't park or drive any vehicles or erect heavy structures over your leach field

Anything heavy on top of your leaching field can compact the soil and put pressure on the structure possibly collapsing it but at least making it less able to filter out the liquids efficiently.

Don't plant any trees or shrubs over or near your leach field

The root systems can grow into the leach field and cause blockages greatly reducing the ability to quickly disperse the liquids possibly leading to a backup and very costly repairs.

You should do these things

Do have it pumped regularly to prevent solids from over-accumulating.

Also, while your septic professional is there s/he can check on the system to be sure it is running smoothly.

Do be aware of your leach field area to avoid the don'ts listed above

You may have to check the blueprints of your home for information on the exact layout of your leach field but it is generally going to be a large area around your septic tank that (hopefully) has only grass growing on it. The size of it is roughly the size of your home but it can vary just as home sizes also vary.