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We hope to help you understand a little more about your septic system by providing you with a basic understanding of how it all works. We also provide some information about how to keep your on-site sewage system running optimally by listing what not to put down your drains and toilets to help extend the life of your septic tank and leach field.
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Septic System Information

Septic System Q & A

On this page we address some of the most frequently asked questions we've received from our customers in our over 30 years servicing the Calgary area. Answers include information about their septic tanks and drainage fields as well as a little more information regarding the services we provide to maintain them.

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Septic System Do's and Don'ts

A quick list of a few important things to know, avoid and look out for when you have an on-site sewage (septic) system. Follow this list of good and bad things to avoid sewage backups and keep from needing expensive repairs.

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What Not To Put Down Your Drain

We often take our plumbing and septic systems for granted by flushing and pouring out stuff that is not only bad for the pipes but also the immediate environment which are our homes and backyards. We've listed here a bunch of things you don't want to be flushing.

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How Your Septic System Works

Here we provide you with easy to understand information accompanied by pictures to help you gain a quick understanding of your home septic system.

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