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ABC Septic has been serving the Calgary Region, including the communities of Springbank, Bearspaw, Bragg Creek, Cochrane and Priddis for over 30 years. We specialize in servicing rural sewage systems, from pumping out septic tanks, cleaning, inspecting and repairing septic fields to sewer drains and all things septic. Our expertise and history of service continues to translate into a great experience for our customers.
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Septic Tank Pumping

septic tank pump truck
Pumping out septic tanks is what we do best and we've emptied thousands of tanks in the Calgary area, tens of thousands of times over our 30+ years. Some may wonder "What do I need to do to prepare for an appointment?" Not a whole lot, in fact you don't even need to be home. We can arrange payment over the phone so that you don't have to take time out of your day to meet us. And with our long hoses, as long as we can position our truck within 54meters (180ft) reaching distance of your septic tank our truck won't ever have to leave your driveway.

Emergency Service

emergency septic services
Septic tank backed up? Don't call a plumber, call ABC Septic and save hundreds of unnecessary dollars spent. If you do call a plumber first they just end up having to call us anyway, so save yourself the plumbing fee and call us direct. Catastrophic failure of a home sewage system is never the most pleasant of occurrences and for those disastrous times we remain on call 24/7 to help you clean up the problem as well as identify and repair the cause to get you through the experience as quickly as possible. Typically, the problem is either a blockage or your tank is overflowing. In either case we will augur your line to free it of obstruction, help with the clean up and pump your tank all while you have us there.

Septic Tank Cleaning

septic tank cleaning
It may sound like a bit of an oxymoron but a 'clean septic tank' is an actual thing and an important thing to strive for. Keeping your system clean with regular maintenance will save you from the hassle of needing a completely new septic tank installation and the complexities (and cost) of repairing or even replacing the system as a whole before it's end of life. But rest assured, this doesn't mean you have to climb down into the tank with a bottle of Windex, a cloth and nose-plugs. We take care of the cleaning for you each time we visit to empty your tanks.

Repair Of Septic Tanks

septic system repair
As mentioned above, regular maintenance will keep your septic system running smoothly for many trouble free years. But sometimes in life, even with the proper care, things just like to break on occasion. We're well experienced at diagnosing and repairing the exact problem as well as helping prevent it from occurring again in the future. In fact we have had a few clients over the years who were advised by other septic companies that their system would need a complete replacement and cost them many thousands of dollars. We were called for a second opinion in those cases and were able to identify the problem and repair it, thus helping those families avoid spending a lot of unnecessary money on something they didn't in fact need.

Septic Inspections

septic inspection
Are you buying a new home and wanting to ensure the septic system is operating in top condition? Contact us and we'll make sure there are no nasty surprises awaiting you once the keys are handed over. Our knowledge of rural sewage systems is such that we are fully qualified to conduct septic inspections of residential and commercial properties for both banks and realtors.

Septic System Installation

septic system installation
Are you building a new home that's not connected to a municipal sewage system? We can get you set up with that septic system you've been dreaming of (or, more likely, never knew you needed). Many people building their first home in a rural area don't realize that not being connected to the waste-water grid means they'll be needing a private sewage management system. It's pretty much the last thing anybody thinks of when planning a dream home, and understandably so. Talk to us about getting you set up with the right septic system for your home and we'll work with your home builder to have it done right the first time so it's the last time you have to think about it.

And More..

Here's a few more of the services we offer. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for our services just give us a call.
  • Sewage Line Auguring (blockage clearing)
  • Drain Cleaning and Thawing
  • Septic Field Inspection and Testing
  • Pump Sales, Installation and Repair